Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE)

Dr. Jack Fisher offers follicular unit extraction (FUE) for his hair transplant patients in Nashville. While he continues to offer follicular grafting “megasessions” as his main method of transplantation, Dr. Fisher offers FUE as an alternative form of hair restoration for patients who request and are appropriate candidates for this method. Dr. Fisher offers the option of FUE using the state-of-the-art NeoGraft® system. With FUE, he takes the time to select the follicles carefully and construct a personalized hairline for each patient just as he does with his “megasessions.”

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How FUE Works

Dr. Fisher extracts hair grafts from a donor site on the head using a hair-graft tool made specifically for this purpose. (The patient will likely be asked to cut the donor site short to allow access to the follicles.) This tool allows Dr. Fisher to harvest between 1 and 4 follicles at a time by inserting the tiny device, which measures less than a millimeter in diameter, into the scalp at each follicle site to loosen the follicle unit. He can then easily pull the follicle from the skin for transplant to the balding area.

While the insertion of the punch creates a number of round scars in the donor site, these scars gradually shrink to a size much smaller than the diameter of the punch itself, eventually becoming virtually unnoticeable white dots hidden by the patient’s hair.

Meet Dr. Jack Fisher

For a handcrafted, natural hair transplant, trust a
board-certified plastic surgeon with an artist’s eye.

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A Surgeon’s Eye – and Hand

Dr. Fisher uses the pinpoint precision and artistic eye gained from 30 years as a board-certified plastic surgeon when transplanting the harvested hair follicles. His meticulous attention to detail and aesthetic sensibility inform the natural, customized hairline he designs for each individual patient, matching face and forehead type.

While Dr. Fisher keeps abreast of new and advanced techniques, no tool or machine can replace the artistic judgment and precision of a veteran cosmetic surgery specialist. Even when embracing the latest medical technology, Dr. Fisher maintains his commitment to creating natural results using the most effective tools of all: the eye and hand of a surgeon.